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EX5 Sample Collection

2014-06-27   Yamaha EX5 is still considered one of the top digital synthesizer ever. The powerful filters, with a wonderful 'analog' character,  the different types of synthesis (Virtual Analog, FSDP, AWM and physical models), combined with an impressive effects section, give to the EX5 sounds all the necessary warmth and thickness. In this sample library (nsmp format) have been included all the best legendary sounds, including acoustic pianos, electric, brass, leads, pads and everything a producer needs to make great music.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Electro 3 and 4, Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2.

moXF Ultimate Digital Piano

2014-04-16   The best of the Ultimate Digital Piano sample library is now also available in moXF format (X6A). We've included a selection of the most representative vintage digital pianos and MIDIed piano stacks in 16 totally new 'voices' for Yamaha moXF6 and moXF8 workstations.

Compatible with moXF6 and moXF8.

This Sample Library requires the optional FL512M or FL1024M Flash Memory Expansion Module.

D-70 Sample Collection

2014-03-03   We couldn't leaving out from our synthesizers collection one of the greatest protagonist of the early 90s. The Roland D-70 is still one of the most popular digital synth ever, thanks to the high quality of its filters. which conferred to it that timbre so warm and dense. We've captured the superb character of the D-70, bringing it again to limelight with 80 amazing timeless sounds in nsmp format.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Electro 3 and 4, Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2.

PRO Soloist Sample Collection

2014-02-12   Let's go back to the 70's with the ARP Pro Soloist, a monophonic analog synthesizer designed to play lead instruments.Thanks to the implementation of aftertouch assignable to the "Touch Sensor Effects" (pitch bend, wow, growl, brilliance, volume, vibrato), the Pro Soloist was one of the most expressive solo synthesizer ever, used by Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Tony Banks, Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock, Patrick Moraz.

In this sample collection are included all the 30 preset sounds and 6 variations.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Electro 3 and 4, Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2.

Merry Christmas

  Warmest wishes for a very merry Christmas from our staff.
Waitin' for Santa Claus to bring new free sounds under the tree, please don't miss our Christmas promotion and get 10% off all of our wonderful sample libraries.

Emulator II Sample Collection

2013-11-07   This sample collection is dedicated to the greatest legend of the early sampling era, the Emulator II. Ever since its release in 1984, this awesome keyboard allowed to write memorable pages of great music. The list of all the world-famous artists who played this sampler is huge.
We've captured the inner soul and make it live again in one of his legitimate heirs the Nord Wave.
More than 150 legendary sounds were sampled at the highest audio quality possible. Compatible
with Nord Wave, Nord Electro 3 and 4, Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2.

Emulator II Sample Collection audiodemo

Techno/Trance Free Sample Collection

  Techno Trance is a new sample library for Nord Wave and compatibles, totally free, dedicated to the golden age of Techno, Trance, Electro and Synth Pop music. The library includes 40 new sounds in 'nsmp' format (over 90 mb!), sampled from synthesizers that have been determinants for the creation of the Techno music typical sounds: JP8000, Nord Lead 3, Virus and Supernova.
We are also pleased to announce that, starting from today, our 'Download' section will be immediately accessible to everyone, without any annoying login procedures.
Continue to follow our Facebook page to be constantly updated about news and special offers for our friends.

100% compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2 series, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Techno/Trance Sample Collection audiodemo

Super JX Sample Collection

2013-06-15   When we talk about polyphonic analog synthesizers, some recurring words like 'warm' come to mind, but only a few synths can effectively give this feeling. The Super JX is definitely one of them, due to the simplicity of its engine synthesis and, overall, the amazing quality of filters Roland. A couple of Super JX sounds have been published some months ago in our download zone for free, but after persistent requests from our friends, we decided to dedicate a whole sample library (in "nsmp" format) to this mid 80s inimitable beauty.
Were sampled 80 patches and single tones, covering both the analog and digital sides of the synth, from brass and strings to bells and percussive sounds.
100% compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2 series, Nord Electro 3 and 4
Please listen the awesome keyboards player Kristian Terzic performing some of the SUPER JX sample on his Nord Stage 2 88, all at 100% live, no overdubs, sequencer or external effects.

Super JX Sample Collection audiodemo

Matrix-12 Sample Collection

2013-05-02  The Matrix12 is widely considered the last emperor in the dinasty of the great polyphonic analog synthesizers. No other synth was able to provide, at the same time, the heat of the classic Oberheim sound and the wide possibilities offered by the matrix modulation.
We sampled a Matrix-12 in perfect condition and we put it under the magnifying glass, so as not to miss any detail. The samples in the Nord Wave magically come to life and, although in the digital domain, evoke the soundscapes and the very soul of Matrix-12.
Amazing results can also be obtained on Nord Stage 2 (keyboard which were recorded the demo), Nord Electro 3 & 4 and Nord Piano 2.

Hip Hop & Dance Sample Collection

2013-04-23   Inspired by one of the greatest producer's classic, the Emu Mo' Phatt, this sample library for Nord Wave is a truly goldmine, perfect for creating Hip Hop, Urban Dance, Club, Funk, Modern Pop, Dirty South, R&B tracks. Drum kits, basses, drone pads, chords, guitars, synth leads, strings, vinyl scratches, efx and all the sounds you've been askin' for.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Korg Wavestation Vol. 2 Sample Collection

2013-03-28   After a long wait, finally today we are proud to present Wavestation Sample Collection Vol.2.
We wanted to diversify this new collection from the previous one and the result was really surprising, because we have captured the darkest and deepest side of this powerful Korg synthesizer.
Nearly 300 mb of pure vector synthesis, packaged within 87 brand new sampled sounds (nsmp).
A complete sound library featuring: motion pads, wavesequences, ethereal pads, 3D soundscapes ideal for ambient music, soundtracks and more.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Korg Prophecy Sample Collection

2013-02-13   We listened to those Nord keyboard players looking for all that kind of sounds generated by physical models. The final result is this overwhelming Sample Library that features one of the first synthesizers based on DSP, Korg Prophecy - Solo Synthesizer. The ideas developed with the Prophecy were later used to make amazing keyboards such as the Korg Z1, the EXB-MOSS expansion boards for the Triton and Oasys series. The sounds generated by this synthesizer ranging from realistic emulations of brass/reed instruments and plucked strings, to ultra-powerful analog sounds, until to imaginative sound-projections into unexplored worlds.
We did our best to capture the unique personality of this small but gigantic monophonic synthesizer, sampling all the best sound presets from bank A and B. All those sounds that make the history in the last 20 years with artists like Jan Hammer, Rick Wakeman, Joe Zawinul, Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, Yes and many others. And finally with this sample library you will  be able to play the classic sounds of Prophecy polyphonically on your Nord keyboard!

Listen the audiodemo!

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Nord Lead 3 Sample Collection

2013-02-13   Nord Lead 3 is still considered the apex of the Nord Lead series, not only for the sexiest user interface ever, but due the to the complexity of the filter section, the rich sound of analog-like tones, the excellent FM synthesis and all those features like the aftertouch as morph source assignable to everything, the polyphonic portamento and more.

There is already a great NL3 sample library in the precious official archive of the Clavia Nord website, but we have collected some of the amazing sounds that have been left out.

This new collection, available in the download zone, includes 18 "nsmp" sounds for Nord keyboards totally FREE for all our facebook fans.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

JP-8000 Sample Collection

2013-01-28   The JP8000 is the first analogue modelling synthesizer designed by Roland in 1996. This blue beauty is considered the modern incarnation of the analog synth Jupiter-8. It's capable to perform powerful and warm sounds thanks to the Supersaw waveform (i.e. 7 sawtooth freely detunable oscillators).
This new collection delivers 90 stunning "nsmp" sounds (250 mb) for Nord keyboards, that brings out the true character of this gorgeus synth.
Try the new JP8000 sample library and download the 12 sounds available for free in the Download area.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Brass/Winds Free Soundpack

2013-01-14   A new free Brass/Winds soundpack is now available for all our fans. It includes 12 very expressive  sounds. We also added two soundpack dedicated respectively to Roland JP8000 and Vocal sounds, that you'll find in their relative section inside the Download area.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Roland JUNO-106

2013-01-02   What better way to start the new year?

An awsome brand new sound library completely dedicated to one of the most popular synths ever, the Roland JUNO-106. The typical analog sound, warm and deep, widely used in hundreds of 80s hits, is recognizable in each of the 998 samples captured. Absolutely a must-have.

  • 101 nsmp

  • 179 mb

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Big Synths

2012-12-29   Still time for awsome gifts here at sc-sounds.com!

Big Synths is a sample collection that delivers massive stacked sounds captured from some of the most powerful synthesizers of the past millenium connected together via midi: Oberheim Xpander, Roland JD-990, SY99 and Korg Wavestation A/D.

Available for free in the download area.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Merry Christmas

  Everyone at sc-sounds.com would just like to wish you all a merry and peaceful Christmas and a fantastic New Year.  Thank you for all your kind support through 2012 and making it such a good year.  
A little gift for all our fans: 4 new vintage electric piano sounds are available In the download section.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Oberheim OB-X

2012-12-06   We proudly present the new sound library for Nord Keyboard dedicated to Oberheim OB-X, one of the most celebrated analog synthesizer in the world.
The ambitious project took about six months of accurate sampling and programming, with the precise aim to capture the soul of this great analog synthesizer and transplant it inside the Nord keyboards.
From an initial amount of more than 2GB of hi-quality samples, we have selected 90 sounds in nsmp in about 200 mb, providing one the best analog sound library ever done for a Nord keyboard: ultra-fat brass, warm strings, cutting leads in sync and unison mode, penetrating bass, deep sweeping and evolving pad, included a lot of famous sounds to die for.
This sound library tells the story of a great legend, from the begin in 1981 up to now a days, covering a wide range of musical styles, through the notes and sounds of the most influential names in contemporary music: Queen, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Rush, Simple Minds, Ultravox, Depeche Mode, Supertramp, Kenny Kirkland, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and more.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Brass Ensemble

2012-11-24   Now there are no more excuses. For too long we've read stuff like that the nordwave is a great synthesizer, but is lacking in emulation of acoustic instruments, compared with the most blazoned workstations on the market.
"Brass Ensemble" is the proof that the Nord keyboards can fly very high when we need to faithfully reproduce woodwinds and brass for our productions.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Strings Ensemble

2012-11-24   If you are looking for the absolute best strings ensemble sounds for your nord keyboard, then you've come in the right place. "Ensemble Strings" includes about 130 megabytes of brand new orchestral violins, cellos, violas, contrabasses in nsmp format.  The outstanding playing techniques and the combination of different strings sections have been optimized to offer their best in every kind of musical productions.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

Chromatic Percussions

  22 new amazing chromatic percussions are now available for your Nord keyboard.
Orchestral and Studio Chimes, Marimbas, Vibraphones, Xilophone, Kalimba, Glockenspiel, Orchestral Bells, Celesta and more, all in this must-have collection.
Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 series, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3 and 4 series.

New Free Sounds

2012-11-16   The download zone is getting bigger for our facebook fans. All sounds are now divided into categories in the most convenient way. The archive includes acoustic pianos, organs, violoncello and guitars with great playability and expressiveness.


2012-11-07   The Tiracon 6V was created in Eastern Germany by VEB ACC in 1987 for export in USSR. The amazing sounds of this rare analog synthesizer are now added in our Download section totally free for all our facebook fans.

  • Over 30 mb samples

  • 14 nsmp sounds

New Free Sounds and Special Offers

2012-10-28   Now it's possible for all sc-sounds.com fans on Facebook, get free sounds, big discounts and special offers that are periodically added in our Download section!
Become a fan of the Facebook Page of sc-sounds.com, it's a good way for us to interact with you outside of our own website.

Click “I like” on sc-sounds Facebook page and become a fan, send an e-mail with the subject "SC-SOUNDS FACEBOOK FAN" telling us your first and last name (the same used on facebook) and your email address. You will receive an e-mail with an exclusive access code.

Over 100 mb of free brand new sounds are now available for download:

  • 40 nsmp sounds sampled from: Synthex, Jupiter8, Juno106, SH-1, Super JX and Matrix6.

  • 15 amazing synthetic and ambient pads and more.

"Ultimate Digital Piano" Sample Collection" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

2012-10-05   Ultimate Digital Piano features some of the best sounding digital and electric pianos sounds in the market.
We sampled single sounds from every instrument, but the most amazing result is achieved when connecting them via MIDI to obtain huge mixed piano sounds. Lot of combinations has been sampled, ideal for soul, r'n'b, acid jazz, fusion, rock, pop music and more. The sound is outstanding and really enjoyable. As bonus we've included also the true sound of a legendary Dyno-My-Piano .

This sample collection highlights these instruments :
MKS-20, JD800, D70, RD-700, XV-5080 (with SRX 11 and 12), SY77, S90ES, K2600r, 01W/r, M1rEX.

  • 38 nsmp sounds

  • 150 megabytes


more info >>

"Alesis A6 Andromeda" Sample Collection" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

  Many requests for further authentic analog sounds pushed us to produce this sample library dedicated to the Andromeda A6 synthesizer, the last mammoth polyphonic synth on the market. Now discontinued, the A6 has become the icon of the modern generation analog soundthanks to the amazing flexibility and depth of timbre, impossible to achieve with any virtual analog. This sample collection has been created thinking about who is looking for powerful analog sounds, very useful in different contexts and perfectly compatible with the capabilities of the North keyboard.

  • 97 nsmp sounds

  • 167 megabytes

more info >>

"K2000 Orchestral Sample Collection" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

  The third and final chapter dedicated to the legendary synths K series includes the best sounds of the amazing Orchestral ROM expansion.
The realistic samples of orchestral instruments offer a wonderful playbility and a unique and incomparable character, for which there's still great demand.
Sound Collection includes: Woodwinds, Brass, Solo Strings, String Sections, Plucked Strings, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, and Synths.
Compatible with Nord Wave, Electro 3 and 4d, Stage 2, Piano 2.

  • 62 nsmp sounds

  • 139 megabytes

more info >>

"Oberheim Xpander" Sample Collection" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

  We felt great nostalgia for the good old VCOs, so we chose the best, the most sophisticated and fattest polyphonic synthesizer of all time.
We are proud to present  the Oberheim Xpander! Directly from its factory presets have selected the most epic classic analog sounds, covering a wide range of sounds where Oberheim have no rivals: luxurious pads, fat brass, penetrating leads, earthbreaking bass, outer space fx and exotic sounds. All the major Xpander basic waveforms a
re also included: tri, pulse, saw, noise.
Compatible with Nord Wave, Electro 3 and 4d, Stage 2, Piano 2.

  • 80 nsmp sounds

  • 175 megabytes

more info >>

"MKS-20 Sample Collection" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

  The Roland MKS-20 'Digital Piano' can be defined as the most famous piano sound module of all time.

Used in almost all the greatest hits of the eighties, is still appreciated by musicians and producers looking for those typical sounds so warm and powerful in every mix, studio or live, that only the MKS20 is able to offer.
In this Sample Collection for Nord Wave we have carefully captured all possible nuances of this great vintage module. All the 8 basic sounds: 3 acustic pianos, 2 electric pianos, 1 harpsichord,  1 clavinet, 1 vibes, were sampled in various versions, using different dynamic levels, with or without efx, eq, tremolo, including the amazing MKS-20 Analog Chorus.
Thanks to the meticulous programming, has reached a perfect compatibility and playability with the Nord Electro 3, Nord Electro 4d, Nord Piano 2 and Nord Stage 2, also guaranteeing maximum available polyphony.

more info >>

"K2000 Sample Collection v.2" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

2012-06-25   All the most representative sounds of the Kurzweil expansion board "Contemporary", were included in this unmissable collection. Organs, Leads, E.Pianos, Clavs, Strings, Brass, Basses. These sounds will inspire your best productions by adding the unique sound of Kurzweil. 100% compatibile with Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2 and Nord Electro 3 / 4D.

more info >>

"D-50 Collection" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

2012-06-21   The biggest D50 sample collection for Nord Wave today becomes even bigger.  We improved the previous sample library in every respect, with a total re-editing of the orginal samples to achieve the perfect playbility with all clavia models. We also decided to add brand new sounds, such as transients, pads, loops. Now we have 100 mb more, reaching a total of 158 sounds, instead of the 114 included in the previous version.

more info >>

"JD-800 Collection" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

  This collection features all the 64 JD800's factory presets.  It's more than just a tribute to the gorgeous Roland JD800's sound. Indeed, we have transplanted the soul of JD within the body of another great synthesizer, the Nord Wave. The result is excellent, the endless possibilities offered by the Clavia filters make even more versatile that typical JD's sound character, with a pretty similar editing intuitiveness.

more info >>

"BEST OF D-50" Motif XS & XF Sample Libraries

  After the mythical M1, the timeless DX7, another classic is now available for your Motif.
The D-50 synthesizer represents the icon of innovation in the world of synthesizers since the late 80's. It amazed with his legendary sounds,
listened in thousands of famous recordings.
This collection is actually the most comprehensive and accurate collection of sounds dedicated to the Roland D-50 and LA synthesis.

more info >>

"BEST OF DX7" Motif XS & XF Sample Libraries

  Who missed the FM synthesis on Yamaha's new flagship Motif XS and XF, now no more excuses. We listened to your requests, before to realize this amazing sample collection, featuring the most representative FM sounds. The goal is not only to bring back some presets from the '80, but to give all producers the chance to recreate the typical sounds achievable only with the DX7.
64 Voices and 50 brand new waveforms.

more info >>

"XV-5080 Vol.2" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

2012-04-23   This release completes the sampling series dedicated to the XV-5080. The sounds of this second volume have been professionally sampled from the expensive SRX-07 Ultimate Keys expansion board. We included all best presets form this SRX, capturing a wide range of high quality vintage sounds, most of all electromechanical and synthetic.
Rock and Jazz Organs, Analog Synthesizers, Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Basses, Leads. A must have for all producers and for your live performances.

more info >>

"BEST OF SY77" Motif XS and XF Sample Libraries

  A breath-taking selection of the SY77 best voices  is now availablle for your Motif XS or XF series.
This project is for all the motifers  that are looking for the charatheristic sound possible only through the synthesis RCM (Real Time Convolution) and synthesis AFM (Advanced Frequency Modulation).
This sample library includes voices like: Arianne SP, EP Knocker, CH Itopia, Braschoral, Dyno of Epno, Grand AP, Forest ME, ME Aquavox and many others.
more info >>

"M1 Elements" Motif XS and XF Sample Libraries

  The most famous digital synthesizer Korg M1 features this sample collection for the Yamaha Motif XS and XF music workstation series. 32 Voices and 210 waveforms of professional stereo samples, perfectly looped and edited.You will find all the presets that make the history of many musical genre, like: Universe, Piano 16, Lore, Koto Trem, Strings  and much more.
The sounds come in .X3A and X0A formats compatible with Motif  XF and XS equipped with at least 64 megabytes of memory expansion (RAM module or Flash Memory module).
more info >>

"Wavestation Vol.1" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

2012-03-20   Another legendary synthesizer is now available for the flashrom of your Nord Keyboard!!!
"Wavestation Vol.1"  inludes 64 amazing sample sounds featuring complex tones, e-motion pads, textures, wavesequences, analog emulations, brass, synth stacks, digital drones, leads and digital pianos.

more info >>

"World Instruments" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

  World Instruments is a massive library of professionally sampled world/ethnic instruments, featuring the traditional and rarest plucked string, wind, and percussion instruments from the far flung four corners of the globe:
Autoharp, Accordions, Irish Harp, Baglama, Bagpipe, Banjo, Bonang, Bouzouki, Cumbus, Digeridoo, Dulcimer, Flamenco Guitar, Hasapi, Mandolin, Mbira, Mizmar, Kalimba, Koto, Kanun, Kena Purr, Oud, Ocarinas, Pan Pipes, Penny Whistle, Shakuhachi, Shenai, Sitar, Steel Drums, Tambura, Tar and more!
.Also compatible with Nord Stage 2, Nord Electro 3 / 4D and Nord Piano 2

more info >>

"XV-5080 Vol.1" Nord Wave Sample Libraries

2012-02-24   The best sounds of the legendary XV-5080 are availble now for your Nord Wave synthesizer and compatibles!
"XV-5080 Vol.1" includes one of the most versatile and detailed sample library.
Also compatible with Nord Stage 2, Nord Electro 3, and Nord Piano 2

more info >>

"Best of Kurzweil Vol.1" Nord Wave Sample Libraries now available!

  Another amazing collection of sounds is available for your Nord Wave!
With the new "BEST OF KURZWEIL Vol.1" sample library,  this time we wanted to meet the demands of all those who asked to have the classic sounds  of Kurzweil K-series inside their Nord keyboards.

Compatible with Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2, Nord Electro 3 and the brand new Nord Piano 2 "Best of Kurzweil Vol.1 " is now

more info >>

New Nord Wave Sample Libraries available!

2011-11-30   The brand new sound libraries "V-Synthology" and "M1 Sample Library" for Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2 and Nord Electro 3, are now available on our Clavia Product page.
Please listen the demos.

more info >>

New Sound Library for the Nord Wave!

2011-08-06 The new Nord Wave sound library comes out to recreating all the most famous legendary Roland D-50 sounds.

more info >>

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